Custom-Built Knowledge Base with WPML and MemberPress Integration

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Client Overview

The client sought to enhance their live website by custom-building a Knowledge Base functionality integrated with WPML for multilingual support and MemberPress for gated content management.

Client Challenge

The client’s existing website lacked a robust knowledge repository and struggled with language accessibility for a diverse user base. Additionally, managing gated content for registered users proved cumbersome and lacked scalability.


To address these challenges comprehensively, the client opted for a custom-built Knowledge Base solution integrated with WPML for seamless language translation and MemberPress for efficient management of gated content and user access control.


Task Setup:

Two distinct tasks were established for the development of the Knowledge Base functionality and the integration of MemberPress, detailing specific requirements and objectives.

Development Process:

The development process focused on creating a custom Knowledge Base tailored to the client’s needs while ensuring compatibility with WPML for multilingual support. Additionally, MemberPress integration was implemented to manage user registrations, subscriptions, and access to gated content.

Staging Environment:

The integrated functionalities were deployed to a staging environment for rigorous testing and review, including compatibility checks with WPML and MemberPress plugins.

Feedback and Iterations:

Client feedback was actively sought and incorporated throughout the development cycle, ensuring alignment with expectations and addressing any potential issues promptly.

Finalisation and Deployment:

Upon successful testing and refinement, the custom-built Knowledge Base, integrated with WPML and MemberPress, was migrated to the live website, ready for immediate use.


The custom-built Knowledge Base, seamlessly integrated with WPML for multilingual support and MemberPress, transformed the client’s website into a user-friendly platform. Users now benefit from a centralised repository of knowledge accessible in multiple languages, alongside efficient management of gated content based on user subscriptions.


By leveraging a custom-built Knowledge Base solution integrated with WPML and MemberPress, the client has effectively addressed their challenges related to knowledge dissemination and user access control. This integrated approach ensures a dynamic and user-centric website experience, fostering higher engagement and satisfaction among users across diverse linguistic backgrounds.

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