Is PHP still relevant in 2023?

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Yes, the rise of other popular programming languages like Python and JavaScript has made people question whether PHP’s days are numbered for a number of years now, but despite the consent question PHP still remains a go-to for many developers. Here are 10 reasons PHP is still a great choice in 2023.

1. Still widely used

According to W3Techs’ data, PHP is used by 78.9% of all websites with a known server-side programming language, including some of the most popular and heavily-trafficked sites on the internet.

2. Speed

In the past few years, significant improvements have been made to PHP’s performance by introducing features like opcache and just-in-time compilation.

3. Easy to learn

PHP is relatively easy to learn and use as its syntax is similar to other popular programming languages such as C, Java, and Perl. It also has a large library of pre-built tools and functions.

4. Strong support

PHP supports extensive documentation and a large and active community of expert developers who contribute to its development and provide continuous support to users.

5. Scalability

PHP is a scalable language that can handle a wide range of workloads and traffic levels. It can be used by large websites and web applications that need to take millions of users and transactions.

6. Versatility

PHP is a versatile language and therefore can be used to create various types of web applications, providing a great solution to a wide range of ideas.

7. Security

PHP comes pre-built with security features, such as input validation, sanitization, encryption, authentication, and session management.

8. Cost-effective

PHP is open source which means there are no license fees for using it. This makes it a great option for developers and companies for keeping costs low.

9. Compatibility

PHP is compatible with a wide range of operating systems and web servers, making it easy to deploy and run web applications built with PHP.

10. Integration

PHP can be easily integrated with other technologies, such as databases, content management systems, and frameworks, allowing developers to build powerful and feature-rich web applications.


As the world of technology advances, web development becomes increasingly important, making it crucial to select the right programming language for your project. Among the many options available, PHP stands out as a versatile and widely-used language.

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