Securing a website After a Hack

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Client Overview

The client, a nonprofit organisation managing its WordPress website in-house, faced a severe security breach, resulting in malicious redirects to adult sites. Seeking urgent assistance, they turned for help in resolving the issue and fortifying their website against future attacks.

Client Challenge

The website was compromised, redirecting visitors to inappropriate content, posing a serious risk to the organisation’s reputation, and potentially harming its audience. The client urgently needed to remove malware, restore the website’s integrity, and implement robust security measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.


I swiftly responded to the client’s distress call, commencing a thorough investigation and remediation process. I created a staging environment to assess the extent of the damage and restore the website to a clean state. I meticulously removed malware-infected files, and installed future measures for ongoing security monitoring to strengthen the website’s defenses.


Malware removed: I successfully eradicated the malicious scripts injected into the website, restoring its functionality and integrity.

Enhanced security measures: By installing and implementing recommended security practices, the website’s resilience against future attacks was significantly improved.

Website restored: With meticulous attention to detail, I ensured that the website was thoroughly cleaned and secured, ready to resume its vital role in serving the organisation’s audience.


Through expertise and dedication, the website was rescued from the clutches of cyber threats and restored to its former glory. The timely intervention not only safeguarded the organisation’s reputation but also instilled confidence in its online presence. With robust security measures in place, the client can now focus on their mission without the looming threat of cyber attacks.

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