WordPress Plugin Development with Salesforce API Integration

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Client Overview

I was approached by a global organisation seeking to enhance its membership verification process across multiple digital platforms. With a diverse membership base, the organisation needed a streamlined solution to automate membership verification and ensure data accuracy.

Client Challenge

The client faced challenges with disparate methods for membership verification across its digital platforms. Manual interventions and reliance on outdated APIs led to inefficiencies and inconsistencies in membership verification. They sought to automate this process and ensure real-time verification using a unified solution.


To address the client’s challenges we proposed integrating the Salesforce API for membership verification. This solution aimed to automate verification processes and ensure consistency across all digital platforms.


I meticulously analysed the client’s requirements and the technical specifications of the Salesforce API. Developing a custom WordPress plugin, I leveraged the Salesforce API for membership verification. The plugin was designed to authenticate users via Salesforce OAuth 2.0, trigger API calls to verify membership status, and dynamically update user roles based on the API response.

Testing and Deployment

I conducted rigorous testing of the plugin to ensure its functionality and compatibility with the client’s digital platforms. Collaborating closely with the client’s IT team, I addressed any issues promptly. After successful testing, the plugin was deployed to staging environments for validation before being rolled out to live platforms.


The integration of the Salesforce API for membership verification yielded significant results:

  • Automated membership verification processes, reducing manual interventions.
  • Real-time verification, ensuring data accuracy and consistency.
  • Improved operational efficiency and reduced workload for the client’s IT team.
  • Enhanced user experience with seamless login and access to member-exclusive content.


Through collaboration, we successfully implemented Salesforce API integration for membership verification, achieving automation and efficiency across their digital platforms. The project demonstrated the effectiveness of leveraging Salesforce APIs for streamlined data processes.

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