Synchronising WooCommerce Orders with Google Sheets

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Client Overview

I was approached by a music awards platform where users submit entries through Ninja Forms integrated with WooCommerce. They needed a solution to ensure that data from WooCommerce orders was sent to Google Sheets after users completed their checkout process.

Client Challenge

The challenge was to synchronise data entry into Google Sheets with successful checkout completion in WooCommerce.


I created a custom WordPress plugin to trigger data transmission upon successful checkout, ensuring that data was sent to Google Sheets at the right time.


  • Data transmission to Google Sheets occurs only after users complete their checkout process in WooCommerce.
  • The plugin was made as future-proof as possible with regards to updates to WordPress or/and the plugins involved


In response to the challenge presented by the client, I developed a tailored solution that seamlessly integrated WooCommerce orders with Google Sheets, ensuring data accuracy and consistency.

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