Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Mobile Image Optimisation

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The client faced significant performance challenges stemming from a non-standard Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) implementation on their website. The site struggled with speed issues, particularly on mobile devices, necessitating expert intervention to enhance its usability and performance.


The primary challenge lies in the handling of images within the ACF setup. Large image dimensions across the website were causing significant performance bottlenecks, particularly on mobile devices. Additionally, inconsistencies in image rendering and missing mobile image alternatives on key templates further compounded the issue, leading to a subpar user experience.


To address these challenges, I devised a comprehensive strategy focused on mobile image optimisation and performance enhancement. We meticulously identified and optimized a large number of instances with large image dimensions, implementing alternative mobile images for key templates. This streamlined image rendering on mobile devices, significantly improving page load times and overall site performance. Additionally, I resolved missing image discrepancies and warning messages on specific pages, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices.


The implementation of mobile image optimisation strategies yielded tangible improvements in site performance and user experience. Load times on mobile devices were significantly reduced, enhancing accessibility and usability for the client’s organisation’s target audience. The streamlined collaboration between development and marketing teams further facilitated ongoing project management, empowering the client with scalable solutions for future site enhancements.


Through a focus on mobile image optimisation, I successfully tackled the performance challenges plaguing the client’s website. The project exemplifies the importance of tailored solutions in resolving complex technical issues and underscores the value of expert intervention in enhancing site performance and usability, particularly in the mobile landscape.

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