Converting from Drupal to WordPress for Events Management

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Client Overview

The client, a prominent organisation, sought to migrate their events management system from Drupal to WordPress. They aimed to streamline event listing and management while aligning with their brand guidelines.

Client Challenge

The existing Drupal-based events site posed limitations and lacked alignment with the client’s brand guidelines. The client desired a WordPress solution that allowed easy event creation, intuitive management, and adherence to brand standards.


We proposed a comprehensive solution involving the creation of custom post types and advanced custom fields in WordPress. This approach enabled event managers to input data seamlessly without compromising the site’s integrity. The solution also incorporated design elements consistent with the client’s brand guidelines.


I migrated data from Drupal to WordPress, setting up custom post types for events, speakers, partners, and more. We ensured that the new WordPress site reflected the client’s brand identity while enhancing user experience and functionality.

Testing and Deployment

After development, Stephen conducted thorough testing to ensure optimal performance and compatibility. The site was deployed to a staging environment for client review and feedback, allowing for any necessary adjustments before going live.


Successful migration from Drupal to WordPress, improving flexibility and ease of use.

Enhanced event creation and management capabilities for the client’s staff.

Improved alignment with brand guidelines, fostering a cohesive online presence.

Positive feedback from stakeholders on the new site’s functionality and aesthetics.


Through close collaboration and meticulous execution, we facilitated the client’s transition from Drupal to WordPress seamlessly. The new WordPress-based events management system not only addressed the client’s immediate needs but also provided a robust foundation for future scalability and growth.

By leveraging WordPress’s flexibility and customisation options, the client now has a powerful platform to manage their events effectively, furthering their mission in the digital landscape.

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